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wow it looks really good. think i'm going to look for some of that bun cha the next time i go to a vietnamese restaurant.


My god. I think my stomach just punched me in the head. Bun cha it is for lunch tomorrow then...


Hey Gwenda and Pieman: Whenever you have your bun cha fixes, let me know how they stack up. I've got another fave little bun cha hole which I'm going to rant about sometime soon. It's a brilliant lunch - beats the hell out of a cheese and tomato sandwich!


Check the categories on noodlepie for the southern take. I haven't had it in Hanoi for a very, very long time. It is absolutley my fave Vietnamese dish. I had three faves in Hanoi, i stuck them all in the Get stuffed guide: http://www.noodlepie.com/blog/2004/07/get_stuffed_han.html

One thing I was hoping you guys would check out is chicken alley, off Tran Hung dao street near the Train station end. Again I mention it in get stuffed, but I don't know whether it's still there or not - what with freaked out chicken paranoia yada, yada, yada...


There's a couple of chicken alleys that we know of, Pieman; the one you mention and another one off Nguyen Thai Hoc Street near the old Hanoi footy stadium. Have eaten but haven't blogged - will let you know the upshot soon. Cheers!


Look forward to it... I seem to remember the only major difference betweent he two addresses is that on Nguyen Thia hoc they serve chicken with potatoes on skewers. The alleyway, it's just wings and some divine livers. Been a while, but was a big fave.


Pieman - Found another pocket of chicken action in Ngo Gach St, smack in the middle of the old quarter last night. Putting it together right now!


I love food in Vietnam, so affordable that you can eat all day long trying different tasty dishes without breaking the bank. and all the tropical fruits! So yummy!


I wish I could it, I remember its fragrance taste.

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