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That looks like the fruit I used to get which I loved, but had a few experiences where I realised after eating half of it that my fruit also contained protein. Maybe it means 'yummy-unless-you-get-a-grub peach'!


Is the fruit segmented? If so then I guess it's duku or langsat (Lansium domesticum). If not, then gandaria (Bouea macrophylla?).


i love the colours, so vibrant!


These are tiny, smaller than nuts. It isn't segmented Robyn and I checked the gandaria, for which the description says it's slightly smaller than a mango!

I'm still at a bit of a loss.


It definitely sounds like a peach if it has a giant pip in the middle. Although with it being so small, could it be more like a cherry? Maybe there is no Western equivalent and it is only indigenous to South East Asia or Vietnam?


They're called longans. Those aren't quite ripe.


These do look a lot like longans (long nhãn, trái nhãn) but the name you give here is possibly a misspelling of xoan dâu aka dâu da xoan, which is neem fruit (Azadirachta indica).There's a lot of confusion over several trees that are related to each other and which have similar names, but one kind has poisonous fruits, called Chinaberry, (Melia azedarach), with purple flowers. The neem has white flowers. Some sources say the neem fruit is poisonous too. Both trees are in the same family.

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