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it looks like Soursop to me (Ma~ng ca^`u xie^m) .
how does the meat of the fruit look like ? If it is white, it is definetely soursop .


I agree with Duy - I think it's a soursop (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soursop) Is the meat white, somewhat fibrous with black, smooth seeds? In Indonesia, soursop are prepared in drinks just the way you describe it.


oh my goodness, soursop shakes are soooo yummy in the summer.


I would have to agree with everyone else and say those are soursop. They are, as the name suggests, quite sour. Hence they are usually made into shakes with lots of condensed milk and ice. I actually don't know any other uses for them.

They look very similar to custard apples which are very sweet though. They also have a green skin with bigger bumps and white flesh with black seeds. They are also made into shakes sometimes and equally delicious.



Guanabana! Caribbean fruit. Or, soursop in asia, I guess (they were imported). They taste really really good, especially in drinks. Sour, vaguely banana, vaguely pearish tasting.


Right. Thanks. They had custard apples at this 'sinh to'stand too but these things look so much more like avocados that I just assumed it was a variety of them.


this is a soursop... as the name implies it is a bit sour with a bit of sweetness. in the philippines, we call it guyabano... it can be eaten as it is or, can be made into a shake/smoothie.... wonderful this time of the year....


The fruits you saw are not avocados, you already took picture of it (see Spicy, Salty, Fruity Bounty, the fruit on the right hand side), the inside. In Vietnamese, they are called "qua coc", the same word for "toad", very sour, but are ladies' favorite. Each of them has one big seed inside with thorns sticking out so usually you dont bite into it but cutting it with a knife and eat with salt and chili.


these are guayabanos or soursoups, not avocados hehehe

Vennis Jean

That's difinitely soursop or commonly called as Guyabano here in the Philippines.it has white flesh thst juicy and dark brown/black seeds in it...there are spikier varieties ot that and at my age (i'll be 27 on august) ii still climb my grandmothers' Guyabano tress to get the best one on top....i'd just lice it peel,then sprinkle some salt on it before i eat it...best eaten chilled from the ref...soursop juice is great too...very refreshing!!!


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Voranica Nagavajara

It is soursop


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