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megan( sticky sis)

looks like the family has been chopped up! wheres the bloody raspberry chocolate pav entry?? hey


Bun Cha is famous there in Hanoi? I been there few months before.
Non of my Vietnamese friends telling me about that... think i miss this greatest dish in Hanoi!
I'm Malaysian, a working lady and just started to learn on Blog!
U really have a nice blog!
Here is mine: www.bigfishchin.blogspot.com

*Hope u don't mind i'm adding you in my list!

Darly Gross

I was in Hanoi about two weeks ago and my VN host urged us to try bun cha and pointed us to a great 20-year old establishment near our Volga Hotel. The soup was divine-- the smoky odor from the crispy pork mingling sweetly with the broth, noodles and greens.

From Volga hotel, turn right (towards Temple of Literature, away from Train Station), look for two bun cha establishments across the street, about 100 metres/yards away. The first of the two is the more established of the two.

DC, Pittsburgh

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