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I wish I'd been there eating with you. The pho looked really good, and I miss the smell of earth after a good summer rainstorm.

Single Guy Chef

Sticky Rice, saw the program and thought you were great. It was really interesting to see that Vietnam is such a culinary destination to warrant a visit along with SF, Paris and Hong Kong. I visited a year ago and love the food so I'm glad the country is getting recognition and, of course, you're doing your part with this great blog! Keep up the good work!


Congratulations! Just don't let the fame and fortune go to your head. ;-)


Thanks - it was a hoot! A real eye-opener to see how time consuming it is to make good TV.

Robyn - it's 15 minutes of fame and absolutely no fortune. It's all for love thus far!

Pim - Look forward to seeing the show and your segment in full! That foodie hamper you put together lokked pretty bloody good.


Congratulations! How exciting to have Diary of a Foodie in Hanoi.


Great episode! Now I'm craving bo bun...instead of all this chocolate...


please post when this becomes available on iTunes!


I saw the program too in PBS ... it was awesome... I was really interested in the "noodle/chicken soup" ... Everything you describe sounds great..... It makes us want to go and share a bowl too!



I saw this show this afternoon and immediately added you to my bloglines. I love vietnamese food and can't wait to read more!


Thanks everyone. Glad you enjoyed the program. Can't wait to see it myself! One of the pitfalls of living in a media backwater! Apparently it'll be shown on Nat Geo Channel in Asia but haven't seen it listed yet.

David - I'd swap locations with you for a day anyday!

The Guilty Carnivore

I PVR'd the episode and watched it just a few days ago. Good job!


Thanks so much for doing the show - I heard your shoots were a blast! The series will air on National Geographic worldwide later this year. And to watch more of Diary of a Foodie in the US, find your local PBS listing and air-time here: http://www.movable-feast.com/gourmet.html


Wish we had had the opportunity to see the show. It sounds really good and I hope other things will come from it for you.
Sticky rice is such a attractive title and I happen to love rice. My husband only likes it if it is baked after cooking and gets a crusty finish. You have to be carteful not to break a tooth on it, but with some rich gravy it is actually very tasty

Peita Callaghan

i saw the episode on YouTube it was great ! We're going to Vietnam in 3 weeks for our Honeymoon and your blog has given us so much information. Thanks so much - you're doing a great job well done!


I saw you on Nat Geo this week. Loved the show, and loved your segment. Have bookmarked your blog and will be reading regularly. I'm in Thailand and it's given me impetus to include more food related stuff on my blog - god knows, I eat enough food in Bangkok :-)

keep up the good work!


You write very well.

Egy Azziera

Whats that in the image? looks so delicious...mmph! Great episode! Congratulations!

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