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Sticky, curious ... is this only recently popular in Hanoi? It's been going strong in HCMC for breakfast since at least when we lived there. (2003-)

As an aside -- your opening graph. When I was doing an interview for the banh mi piece I learned that rice was stretched with wheat -- berries, I'm assuming -- (in Saigon at least) after the most recent war. I found that interesting.


Really lovely post. I'm enjoying your new lease of blogging life. Some great posts recently.


Robyn - Not sure how far it dates back but the bit tet has been around in Hanoi since I've been here (2002)...this is the famous place/area ( http://bit.ly/bG1gIC ). It's actually done pretty similarly in both cities, something which can't be said for many Vina dishes! RE the famine stuff, I think there's definitely scope for a longer blog post.

Ourman - thank you and my pleasure.


I had it for the first time in 1996 in Hanoi on Ly Thai Tho (I think). And very, very, very many times after that, until I left :(


These steaks look pretty weak compared to the "Texas" stuffs here in the US.
Re: famine, lean times and such.
The most recent widespread famine still in living memory occurred in 1945 which claimed about two million lives mostly in the northern area. The Japanese was the main culprit for that atrocity.

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