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Maybe the acid from that one slice of tomato will dissolve the fat you consumed. Maybe...
Vietnamese people don't mind fat, do they? I rarely heard about heart attacks when I was there.

Asian News Girl

I don't think asian people in general mind fat all that much?


To be honest...I think this dish was designed with Westerners in mind, hence the fat content and chips.

Where's the beef?

This is definitely a "Western" dish, or more appropriately, the Vietnamese's culinary interpretation of said dish.
Vietnamese in general tend to shun overly greasy foods.
As for me, I much prefer the Beef Seven Courses(Bo Bay Mon) over the this grease tub of a concoction.


Mai - hope you're right. I'm still alive anyway. If I ate bo nuong regularly, I'm sure it would catch up with me eventually.

AsianNewsGirl - The Vietnamese are becoming more aware of fat in the diet but it definitely doesn't seem to bother them...lots of animal fat, chicken and duck skin gets eaten here.

Snap & Where's the Beef - I'm sure it's derived from elsewhere but as for shunning greasy foods, that's not necessarily true in Hanoi and the north. Maybe in Saigon.


My blood pressure rocketed up just reading that. You should put a Public Health Warning on posts like that! (Secretly, though, I'd love to try it)


usually they're pretty conscious about eating TOO much fat, especially the girl. Although when it comes to (deep) frying eggs or cooking up bò né the Vietnamese pull a BP and let that oil FLOW.


Henno - I felt sick re-living it in the writing!

Anthony - you know I actually still marvel at how much food Vietnamese girls can put away


Whew! I am drooling at the sight of this, the temptation ... have to resist. Maybe eating just a few won't hurt no? :)

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