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Chef Shane

I'll never get fat from Duck - just from the great hospitality in Da Nang, and the fact that I can't sit anywhere and eat without being greeted by someone and plied with beer.
And, you just added a very important phrase to my vocabulary - Vit Luoc.
I'll be practising that bad boy frequently


Nice blog!!!!


I'll have to try this one - though I don't think when I feed it to my health-concious friends I'll call it 'Fat Woman's Duck' ;)


chefshane - glad you're adapting to the VN hospitality down there. And better to be plied with beer than the rice-wine, eh what?

Kamagra - Thank you. I try!

fotografiafoodie - only called that because of the proprietress. Give it a go!


I don't know if you've noticed, but ducks in VN can't fly, at least the ones that we eat. And it's not as favorable as chicken (at least when I was there) because it has tougher meat and is skinnier than chicken.

Lauren aka Ms Baklover

I think they only sell duck in the supermarket here in Australia fully cooked...

Supra Skytop II

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