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I'm not much for commenting but just had to say how much I enjoyed this piece.

I agree, and thank you.


Thank you for posting this - it really clarified something I was trying (and failing badly) to explain to a friend about how disturbing I find the almost total divorce between the animal and the end product.


Great post. I completely agree. I am amazed by the hysterical reaction of many visitors to Vietnam who seem to experience for the first time the realisation that the meat they eat is actually, you know, an ANIMAL. In Vietnam there's no option to "prefer not to think about it" which is the attitude towards abattoirs held by many meat-eaters in the West, I think.


Great post and a great blog, I agree 100% with your semtinents, keep posting.
I'll be in Vietnam 8 days from now and I'm looking forward to eating some great food.


I've often thought that where I live (the UK) there's too much separation between the farmer's field and the dining room table. I have to say I really enjoyed and agreed with this post.


Thanks all - we seem to all be agreed on this


You're too right. As much as some things freak me out (i.e. heads), I tell myself that if I choose to eat meat then it would be hypocritical to ignore such things. Thanks for articulating it so well!


While I agree that it's better to be connected to the food we're eating, I find the remark that you don't feel sorry for the animals revealing. What does it matter whether the dead animal is presented to us in cellophane or freshly slaughtered in the street when we can't or won't care for it's suffering either way? If we don't feel empathy or respect for a life, then why bother "knowing"? Let's not wax poetic about "the relationship" between humans and the beasts we cruelly dominate. If you don't care, eat the meat. If you do, don't. That's all.... I just came here looking for a recipe for sticky rice. Sorry to rain on your parade.


I am scared when I see this image.

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