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elizabethranger (bubbleteafordinner.com)

Mmmm... I passed a table full of people eating this today right after lunch and immediately regretted just finishing a bowl of bánh đa cua instead. Tomorrow, surely! It really is perfect winter food (or for whatever passes for winter here). At least it was sunny today!


Dear Sticky Rice,

It's been a while your blog keeps me warm and dreamy in the chilly winter weather.

Thank you so much for reminding me of this lovely treat from Ha Noi. I so wish to have one right now.

By the way, sốt vang is the vietnamese pronounciation for two French words: "sốt" for "sauce" and "vang" for "vin".

With kind regards from Paris,



elizabethranger - have you tried it yet? banh da cua also good on a cold day. Any steaming bowl of soup will do me at the moment.

Coquelicot - thank you - have fond memories of my time in your city in September this year - was getting cold even then!


Do you have a good recipe for this? All my approximations were just that.

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