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As a Saigonese I'm wondering why Saigon is not the Foodiest City, but anyways... congrats!!!! :-)


Wholeheartedly agree! Well done, Hanoi!


This is amazing... honouring the Street food vendors with the Chowzter trophy that Hanoi won on their behalf. Tempted by bún chả. Recently while coming back from Thailand, I glanced upon the inflight magazine with a huge article on Hanoi. Have been dreaming ever since. Connecting with you over Twitter.


Oops.. About the cuisine and foodie.I think Hanoi to more traditional than Saigon. Hanoi is also one of the best of 10 street to visit of Asia.
Many foreingers think Saigon is place for foodie but i think they should visit Hanoi and think again

Amber Hoffman

On my fourth trip to Vietnam, I still find the street food a bit intimidating, but I am looking to explore more. Perhaps I just need to look for the lovely ladies with their little crowns to know where to eat ;)

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