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Check out the view from the second floor. The trip up is actually half the fun. Squeeze yourself up the spiral staircase at the back, through a tiny Alice in Wonderland kitchen lined with coffee drippers, and up into a little hideway littered with red watermelon seeds. Great place to watch the street!


Not bad if you can get a pew with a view, is it? I don't like choking on the smoke back end of the top floor, though.


That is my grand-parents'cafe. I love my family's coffee shop


Titti - You've probably seen me there. I'm there almost every day. I have a cafe den da and my friend has a chanh leo! Do you work there at all? It's my fave cafe in Hanoi by far! Your grandma is an amazing woman.

dear mem, sometime I come to the coffe shop in HangBac stress to visit my grand-mother. Acttully, I always help my mother in the second-coffee-shop of our family in TrieuVietVuong street when I go back o Vietnam inmy holiday. Because Iam not in Vietnam now.
Nice to talk to you

Le Nguyen

thx for the shoot :)


I love Coffee's Shop. I am almost there in my lunch time as I love to drink coffee specially cold coffee. My mom made a very tasty coffee..

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Check out an updated review at http://caphehanoi.wordpress.com/2012/06/17/cafe-nang-old-quarter-gathering-spot/

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