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You should try the fruit version, not really "sinh to" I think as the fruits are not blended, but a big mixture of stuff with condensed milk & crushed ice. Some popular shops on Hang Hom, not a million miles from Hang Be.


Have tried, but haven't blogged it! I agree. Don't you love the bees hanging about on the fruit? By the way, does anybody know the new whereabouts of a fantastic che place that used to be up an alley off Tran Hung Dao Street?


Ah so those were the crunchy bits.... got a recommendation for you - Lau re, goat bbq place on junction of Hang Cot & Phan Dinh Phung. Had dinner there and now have a gut like a beachball.... I go there at least once a fortnight. Just like the bbq don't reckon the lau much tho'


Yummm...I love che. Che buoi (made with mung beans) is also delicious, but be careful how your pronounce it! I've gotten some weird looks asking for it:)


Nana said...
Hey, the other day I went to a restaurant in Dk: Restaurant Saigon. They served for me a drink/dessert called Che Thap Cam, but now I want the recipe and I can't find it. Has any of you heard of it before?

This is the only info I can find about the dessert on the internet:

Che thap cam(sweet soup of many kinds) is the combination of many ingredients like green beans, che dau huyet, che bot loc. Each contributes to the common flavor of che thap cam.

Che Thap Cam -- yam, taro, yucca, and coconut milk

But what's wrong with the picture??
I think some pictures look a little bit disgusting..- -"
zoom too close??

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