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I believe the red fruit to be the following: (a very frequently used Chineses herbal remedy)

Lycii, Fr **

Mandarin: gou~ qi~ zi~
Common name: wolfberry fruit
Bot. family: Solanaceae
Bot. name: 1, Lycium chinensis Mill.; 2, L. barbarum L.

Primary function: Tonify Blood
2ndary functions: Tonify Yin
Thermal qual.: neutral
Taste: sweet
Merid./Organ domain: Lv, Kd

Nourishes and tonifies Yin and Blood of Liver and Kidneys; especially for chronic symptoms of sore lower back and legs, mild persistent abdominal pain, impotence, nocturnal spermatorrhea, Wasting and Thirsting syndrome, and consumptive disorders.
Benefits Essence and brightens the eyes; used for dizziness, blurred vision, and diminished acuity.
(See Deficiency of Liver Blood; Deficiency of Liver Yin; Deficiency of Kidney Yin; Wasting and Thirsting syndrome.)

Contraindicated in Exterior Excess Heat.
Contraindicated in Spleen Deficiency with Dampness.
Use cautiously if Interior Heat is present.

Dosage: 2-5 qian.
Toxicity: Relatively safe.
Preparation: Presoak at least 1 hr. in warm water, then simmer 60-120 min. Drink decoction; in addition, the cooked herb is edible.


The good old wolfberry, eh? Thanks for the insight. Looks like the nocturnal leaks might be on the heal, too!


88 Yen Phu... there are two possibilities here, right? I tried both a few times, couldn't find her at either. Pity, she closed her shop down?

No "older posts" or similar at the bottom of your pages? I found this one only because I had part of the text saved somewhere, and googled that.

And what about the trung vit lon gung??


Korc...she is definitely still operating at the same address, up on a little platform above street level under a tarpaulin. Only in the mornings from about 7-10 and then again in the evenings from 5-10ish. Occasionally, she'll have a day off. Keep trying! Still working up the guts for the duck egg!


Umm ok, thanks... I was looking twice on Saturday / Sunday noon. I think I know where she is now. Trung vit long, here I come!

Let her take off the eggshells and put it in a bowl. Add pepper, salt, herbs and (hmmmm) ginger. Then eat it with a spoon, and in bits.

I tried my first one in Haiphong, and the whole crowd at the stall was watching. When I rolled up my eyes (in delight) and ordered a second one, I got applause :)

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They had been cooling their claws in my freezer for a week when I had an 'I-can't-be-stuffed-going-out-to-eat-moment' the other night.

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