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So... Did you get any?

Just back in this nutjoint and am looking forward to carving my way through your archives later this week.

Nice work. Woof.


No...but got doglicked on my return. He knew nothing!

Much Fido action down south?


i'm a bit disturbed. i cannot lie. but i love adventurous gourmet so im intrigued as well.


Intriguing is a good word for this, Violet. Tasty, delicious, beautiful....nah, they belong with other dishes.


Not much dog here at all. I haven't seen any restos and only one dog butcher. They also call it Thit cay, not thit cho down south.


What puts me off dog, isn't the fact that it is dog, it's just that it always looks so horrible. Whenever I have been offered dog it has always been boiled, is extremely fatty and it just looks unappealing.

Give me a nice lean char-grilled dog steak and I'm up for it. It's strange, the longer I stay in Vietnam the less adventurous I become. Given how often I frequent Foodshop 45 I'm praying that my next volunteer posting will be India.

Or perhaps Sri Lanka - never been before but I kind of think of it as India-lite.


a funny thing i forgot to mention previously is that apparently in los angeles a chinese restaurant (i believe) creates fake dog meat for its customers. i read an article about it forever and ever ago which i goggled and found here www.laweekly.com/ink/04/40/counter-gold.php


That whole idea, Violet, of creating fake meat - whether it be from other meats or veg. products - has always been beyond me. I overheard a conversation recently where the following was uttered, "It tasted just as good as real chicken", in relation to a fake chicken dish ordered in a restaurant in Hanoi.

Just order the bloody chicken!

megan( sticky sis)

well I dont know I may be weird but I prefer to go walking with my dog




Loosing my pet dog in Hanoi was a distressing situation. She was a medium dog...that is ten kilos. The going rate for dog is 10 usd a kilo, so I posted a reward millions of dong above her bodyweight. One week and no reported sightings. Two weeks later and I could only imagine the Hunters had dognapped her. I had witnessed this in Danang. A dog fitting after it had been whacked over the head...the hunters returning to drag the dog semi concious onto their bike and race the dog to a local thit chow restaurant.
I imagined I saw my dog...that it was her body shape, crispy skin roasted on a table of a thit restaurant.
I am reading here...the "novelty"and "dare" of dog meat. All I ask is that you consider the origins of what you are consuming. The manner in which dogs are hunted, caught and killed. You may not be eating" farmed' canines. By the way, none of you have consumed my dog. A VN man found the dog and returned her two weeks after she first went missing. He had found her, cared for her and refused the reward money. So for those people do not eat dog meat for cultural reasons and who think eating dog meat is a joke or dare...one word...choke:)


I could never bring myself to try thit cho, despite the fact that I never shy away from anything in form of food stuffs. I saw a lovely charred dog head while in sapa and could not stomach the thought of eating that feral angry beast, roasted til black..

And I can not help but notice the name of the street... it shares itself with me. I lie not. Have you ever heard the story/history of our name? It's nearly biblical.

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Внимание скоро будет переворот.
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на порядок выше всего, что видел раньше.

билеты в театр

Гэта будзе надзвычайны вэб-старонкі, вы маглі б быць зацікаўлены ў гэтым інтэрв'ю адносна проста, як вы яго стварыў? Калі гэта так па электроннай пошце мне!




that's why chinesse people are so ugly?! how to eat a dog?if i would see a person who are going to eat a dog or cat i think i would throw up on them!it's really disgusting!


Even if I would be a beggar,I tell you from my heart...I could never think of my dog ​​to eat it...

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