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Do you have to post all the things I happen to be craving!? Okay, apart fom the dog and mystery meats. I used to have a mia da shop right next to my house when I first moved to Hanoi. Mmmm...can't wait to have some again.


It's a fine drop, alright. On stinking hot days, I gulp two in a row!


Mmmm I love sugarcane juice but can't get it in Melbourne. Actually, I lie - there was a stall selling it for a Vietnamese Chinese New Year Festival earlier in the year. Can't wait to visit Vietnam but meanwhile, I'll keep reading your posts on all the food I can try when I get there!


You know Cin, since I saw sugar cane juice when I first arrived in Vietnam, it reminded my of driving to QLD for hols as a kid and seeing the sugar cane fields up there. I wonder if they do the juice up there???

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