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I hope and pray that McDonald's will never come to Hanoi. I remember in 1994 there were rumours that they had secured a building and that their arrival was imminent, but, thankfully, nothing happened. My sister has a cute t-shirt that says, "I got to Viet Nam before McDonald's!"


Preya - I was in Bali when the dreaded big macs surfaced there about 12 years ago. It defied belief. I couldn't believe people would go there. Companies like them and Starbucks are insidious vultures and I doubt whether VN will be able to resist for too much longer. It would be interesting to know the reasons why they aren't already here???


Never quite 'got' the chicken feet thing. More chew than taste and no pleasure I ever experienced. Really don't know why people bother with them. Is there some 'medicinal' or 'strengthening' effect?

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