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Darling, I think you meant squid (muc). Although, if it ends with letter t (mut), it means ink. That's, er, the tricky thing with our language! Never mind, darling.


Thanks. Vietnamese is not my strong suit. What's with all the darlings, btw?


Nope, muc (mực) means 'squid' and ink. Mut (mứt) means preserved fruit or something like that.
The reason for that name is quite obvious: when danger threatens, squid can release a squirt of ink.

interesting point, although i wouldn't want to buy this dry goods with a rose garden smell though. I wonder when the perfume business will put vietnam's stinker goods out of business.


I doubt that it will ever go out of business. Ppl including me have always been loved those 'stink' food ^^.


Your muts and your mucs are confusing me!

Vu - You say they will never go out of business but I've wondered numerous times that with the amount of dried fish around markets in VN, and fresh for that matter, there can't be many swimmers in the seas these days! Maybe they will go outta business. Mutant GM modified fish here we come!

Vietnamese words dont have plural form :p. There are no mucs or muts ^^.
Actually I think Vietnamese is not so difficult , objects often named base on their use/appearance. Some examples:
1. 'máy' means 'machine', 'bay' means flight; so 'máy bay' means plane^^(fight machine)
2. 'xe' means vehicle', 'gắn' means equiped; so 'xe gắn máy' means motorbike(vehicle with machine)


the comment above is mine, and there's a typo there. 'flight machine',not 'fight machine' ^^

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