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Mmm... Che. Yay!


I love that stuff but still haven't found myself a regular che place. Not entirely sureof the etiquette of ordering it either. I like all the mixed up ones.

Just one thing - the jelly bit - I was told it was sago.

What do you reckon?


One of the best places I know of might suit you, OMIH. It's in a dead end lane at 72G Tran Hung Dao.

Just wander in , sit down, say nothing and they will bring you a mixed one - that's all they do there. It's pricier than most (10,000VND) but good as they also include some seasonal fruit along with all the jelly and sago and beans. Check it out and let us know how you fare.


Nice one - will check that out.

I was gutted today to find out that the kids in the KOTO training centre were making che today. We normally get a morning taster - but I was flying out of the door as they were being served up.

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