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Oh stop! you are making my mouth water. Here in France, the land of gastronomy, you are lucky to get more than steack frites in the majority of little restaurants. Mmm. As for the budgie smugglers? Well there are plenty of those here but they would put me off my ga voi mat ong should I be lucky enough to have some.


Hands up- I boobed about squid/ ink- sorry! I do like your essays, the way you always describe things in details but not too scientifically. My favorite essays are 'Persimmons' and 'Name that fruit' (also 'Just Desserts'...)- they are not only sharp studies but also peppered with lovely childhood memories and a gentle touch of dry humor. Brilliant! I have not read all your essays yet, but when I have, I am sure I will have found some more sparkling ones. By the way, the photo of the chicken wings is ace- the colors are really glowing.


How funny. I used to go this joint too and have the same, very good, chicken dish plus the medicinal snails, which are very good.

If you go a little further up the alley/track - beyond the end - and look on the right there is another joint, a lot smaller and a lot quieter. Has a good range of ruou and the usual nosh, but what's different is it's all tatami mat rough end Japanese seating on the floor style. Unusual.

Also, if memory serves me correctly. The 'famous' snail joint down this alley is the first 'Oc' joint you see with a yellow sign on your left. Have absoultuely no idea why it is 'the' famous one, but the snails were rather pleasant.

Cliff Ewing

Sounds like there are still lots of restaurants for you to explore. This one sounds interesting, more local, less / no tourists. Is chicken available without the "drama's". The bia hanoi is what price?



Sarah- You might not have the honey bee but there's all that wine and cheese! Yum

Sparrow's fart- glad you are enjoying Sticky Rice

Pieman- have been told a number of times about the other great places on this strip, just can't seem to resist this one, the food and the view are so fantastic. The tatami mats are enticing though, will have to check that out soon.

Cliff- Good to hear from you on Sticky. This place is definitely a Vietnamese favourite, you never see many foreigners here. Bia Hanoi are 10,000VND, a pretty standard price around town. Chicken is easily available and yes there are loads more restaurants for us to explore, lucky us!!


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