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Tu Cong Van

Hi Sticky,
This place looks luxurious and sounds not very expensive. Thanks and keep updating.


Hi Tu
You are right, it is very comfortable, a great place to hang out.

Minh Doan

A silly question: What camera are you using to take these pictures?


Not much interesting. chairs are too big that makes you feel stuffy.


Hi Minh Doan - I use a Nikon cool pics and my sticky Partner uses a sony cybershot.
Van- not the case at all. In fact I was there again on Saturday night and it was very comfortable, not stuffy in any way. It's a great cafe

Hubbly Bubbly Store

What an awesome lounge? I would love to experience that. Here in the states we have a few hubbly bubbly lounges, but I mainly smoke what is also known as shisha and hookah at home. Definitly worth taking a look though if I'm ever in that part of the world.


Love your site and keep coming back for inspiration!! Move aside all those guide books and websites.... and move on up stick rice!!!

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