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You're a very, very nice man!


Not always!


That sorbet looks so good. On my last trip to Vietnam, I was so worried about getting sick from the ice that I skipped all of this good stuff. On my next trip, I am going to go for it and rely on my stock of Cipro.


Wise move! If you're too cautious with such things, you leave the country not having experienced anything authentic about the cuisine or eating culture. In four years, I don't reckon the ice has made me toilet bound once. This climate needs its ice. I even have it in bloody beer!


This is a great site. Nice job!
We are going to Vietnam next week, for one month!, and will look for Granny first thing.
Yes, to ice or not to ice, eh?
Loperamide is also a good supply to tote along...


Gail - thanks. We love it. And you now get the chance. Hope it lives up to your expectations. I'm not making a call re: the ice. You do what you think is right. You should be pretty right in the big places. Have a great trip!

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