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13 Lo Duc remains the best pho in Hanoi. It's very northern stuff, nothing poncey about it - they don't even do lime.

It's very beefy, hearty type stuff.

The beef is fresh but they also fry it up before it goes in your bowl. Works nicely and I've never had so much of a piece of fat since I started going. I reckon the place probably sits 50 people and it still isn't always easy to get a seat.


There's a few of those famous pho houses around. There's another one in Bat Dan which is closed for renovations but when it's operating, people queue up for the stuff. Not this little black duck - I don't queue for pho!

How did you go with the che joint in Tran Hung Dao?


Must admit haven't tried it yet. Eventually found one on my doorstep that is pretty good. Will try to check it soon.

Chef Shane

I'm so used to fish, seafood, chicken and pork in my one-bowl soup meals that I almost forgot to miss beef.
You've cured me of that, and I'm starting to drool.
My Pho taste memory is returning.
Bastard! ;-)


yeah .... it's a good brew this one. I do wish I were nearer the coast sometimes so I could get more fish in my soups, too. I do get my fill on the jaunts down south to places like Nha Trang and Phu Quoc - seafood for bfast, lunch and dinner!

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