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that seems really rude to go up and photograph her lunch just because she's occupied elsewhere.


I was very discreet and did it from a mile away. Who are you, anyway? Show your moniker.

Mr. NoStarWhere

Yes, I'm sure the unattended plate of food was rather offended at having its picture taken.

No worries Sticky. Keep clickin' away.


Love reading ur blog as i was more familar with saigon than Hanoi. Went north only once in a train and i flew back.

Lolz.. Not for my life to take a train ride up again man. ITs too hazardous......Viet food is nice.


i still think it is rather rude. if it wasn't and you thought there wasn't anything not-so-good about it, why would you need to be so discrete when snapping the photo? that points to me that there is something wrong there.

that said, i do enjoy your blog (i'm vietnamese-canadian). i just find it very curious how westerners often treat people in '3rd world' countries liekcurious objects to be added to their photo album of travels. i remember being in vietnam (and this is nothing to do with you, just this particular comment about travel photos) and seeing some tourists snapping a photo of a woman bathing and washing her clothes in a lake. they did it discretely and from far away, but i was really appalled. would they do this to someone in their own country? unlikely.


Helen - Thanks for coming back. I think photos like these are taken all over the world, in similar circumstances - where photographers see something that captures a moment or tells a story. I don't treat anybody like a curious object nor would I snap this kind of photo if the woman was remotely aware - it would not have the same essence. Sorry if I've offended your sensibilities but this blog is just as much about the people and culture as it is about the food. If it were strictly food, it would be like a hundred other blogs.
And as far as Vietnam being a 'third world' country, it's come a long way baby!

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