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Oi zoi oi! As tasty as this is, I must admit this place just about puts me over the edge. Such a grease bath. We aren't just talking about fatty meat, but about 1/2 inch of sizzling oil. I can't help it..if it's in front of me with a basket of bread, I just start mopping it up. Better just to avoid the place. That's not to say I give up on the dish. My favourite place for bit tet is on Hang Buom in the grimy moto-clogged alleyway next to Bach Ma temple. They also serve pigeons and pho xao if you are so inclined. BTW, the bun rieu next door to Ngoc Hieu on Hoa Ma is fantastic!


Yeah - I've eaten at that place once or twice - very popular. I like checking out the kitchen staff in the afternoons when they're prepping up everything, including cleaning up piles of pigeon carcasses right there on the footpath. Thanks for the tip.

Tu Cong Van

I like this place- reasonable price and food is good. Thanks for sharing us.


Vietgod - Thanks for reading!

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