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a good post, but could you throw in some more meat pictures


This is such a common place in Hanoi. Vietnamese said that if you eat lots of Goat meat that makes you stronger in...:) nice post though


Yep, the word for goat in Vietnamese slang, not to mention the intended effect, means "sexually active" and a few other things. Not surprisingly the goat testicle wine (ngop duong) you can order at these places is also well known for its supposed Viagra effect. I once made the mistake of telling my colleagues I had triep ngop duong the night before. I was the butt of jokes all day long.


remembered my meal similarly to urs in HCMC . went in mid dec nite and it was cold on a bike. Went there with jacket on and went back without it. It was so warm after that meal. Needed 3 beers to cool off.


Anon - don't have any more meat pics - I was there with some friends and didn't want to go too nuts with the camera!

Drinking goat wine makes you strong in that area, eating dog, drinking snake wine....not sure really what to make of it all, except to say that in Australia, if you drink heaps of beer, what you end up with is 'Foster's droop!'


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