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Mmmmm....that looks really good. I've always been a sucker for Hanoi winters, so I can't say I feel sorry for you, but I'll admit, a motorbike ride can make 55F feel like 32F.


this is rip off. sorry


Hi Chuong Guess you just don't understand that when something is this good, it's worth it. Have not had any hot choc that comes close to this anywhere in Hanoi. It also isn't a traditional Vietnamese cafe, it is one of the new Vietnamese Cafes that are popping up around Hanoi, catering to the locals. They look like they are enjoying themselves and we enjoyed it too and that's alright in my book.

Hi Preya, the australian blood in me just doesn't enjoy the cold weather! It is the motorbike that is the problem, it makes everything much colder. Brrrr....


That looks SO great! We'll definitely have to stop by there when we're in country.

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