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I noticed you were up there this afternoon - great stuff - One request. I'm having pangs for Pho Bo at 13 Lo Duc. Are you doing requests? What with you being famous in the New York Times and at Typepad now I would fully understand it if you don't want to correspond with us plebs anymore.


For you, we'll stoop!


Nice, I just noticed you on the page as well! Congrats!


Interesting, we call it a "piehole" where I come from. Congrats on the Typepad promo!


Yay! This is one of my favorite blogs in the blogosphere, so hugs and kisses and keep up the superb blogging--I need it to sustain me through my homesickness:)


Thanks everyone. It's nice to think that more people are reading and great to know that you guys are still!


I keep having binges of pho then can't face the stuff for a while. 13 Lo Duc is my pho place of choice. It's not so far now than I've moved from Ngoc Ha to Quang Trung.

It's great pho...one slight moan. It's a very beefy pho which I like, plus lots of greens too. But no squeeze of lime and little lacking in more herby subtleties.

If I could mix the quality of the meat at 13 Lo Duc with the more herby stock elsewhere then you'd have an unbelieveable pho.

It's a great hearty php though, perfect for colder days.


Great site thanks a lot. i was in Hanoi a week ago and used it a great deal. I think you missed the post about Green Mango in your top ten. After reading it I went there when I was on Cat Ba Island and had a great time. Cheers sticky rice.

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