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Battering ram

And just what is it with buying stuff in Vietnam and vouchers and people, more people, signatures, nods, winks, backhanders, coughs, freemason's handshakes etc. Mad.

And that looks like a particularly crap banh tet. I am a fan btw. Have had two thus far. I have another two in the freezer. Lucky me,


banh chung is something I have religiously avoided to the point of rudeness since my first Tet...felt like I'd eated liquid concrete. Still I do like silly record-breaking food attempts..just seems to be the south..hanoi is too serious!
btw you're on typepad frontpage which is nice


I don't mind the odd lump of this stuff actually - on a completely empty stomach! There is something wickedly satisfying about a good one - just not sure how to choose 'em.


Nice Blog :)


Easily Pleased

I just found your blog, took a look around and immediately blogrolled you. you are delicious. I would love to try a piece of the stickyrice phallus! LOL!


Yeah,, I'd like to try the stickyrice phallus as well, lol. =]

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