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Easily Pleased

LOL! i a not a recipe follower either. sometimes results in disasters, occasionally a miracle dish (that I can never re-create!)

great photo at the top, tho.

Suburbia in the City

What matters most of all is that you're trying new things right?


you're supposed to char the ginger and onion first, over the fire or stove. then dump it into the pot.


blanch the bone too. char the onion and ginger to clarify the stock. Just like consomme


your missing the secret ingredient - 10 heaped spoons of MSG!

i know when I've had a good dose, I get this weird feeling in the back of my neck and up and down my spine...can't be healthy.


I took one look at the recipe, linked to it and closed the door. No way... Have you seent he list of ingredients?


I then watched a friend make it. It took the best part of one day and he is a trained chef and Vietnamese to boot.

Buddhist with an attitude

Only poor people and fools try to make pho at home. It's complicated, time consuming and not worth the trouble, unless you cook for ten or twenty people.


I know I'm foolish but these kind of long food processes sometimes get the better of me and there is a therapeutic element to cooking for me, even though I portray myself as more of an eater than a cook.
I will persist with this.

Pieman - I was wondering if you thought that recipe might be a sophisticated western twist on pho? I have spoken to Hanoians who occasionally do make it at home and the recipe in the north, I suspect, may differ significantly from that in your neck of the woods or for that matter, southern Cali. For starters, I doubt very much whether Hanoians would be adding the rock-candy crystals. What do you reckon?


No self respecting Hanoian would be seen dead with so much as an ounce of sugar in the pantry.


Sticky Rice,
Your recipe is mostly wrong. No self respect cook would use Pork bone , Garlic and Lemon grass for Pho. I do not know what it is you are cooking but it is NOT Pho. Good luck next time. Yes, Rock-candy crystals is a key ingredient in cooking Pho instead of MSG.


My mum can cook Pho at home, it's really tasty!!!

Kitchen units

Only poor and some crazy trying to do at home. It's complicated, time-consuming and is worth the effort unless you cook for ten or twenty people.


I just love your blog. It-s packed with great recipes. Thanks for sharing, will be coming back.

Debt Management

Bubble Bubble Toil and Trouble is very delicious recipe. I am always eating it. It looking also fantastic. Its sounds like testy.

Solvency II

Complex and time-consuming, is deserve this effort but if you cook for ten or twenty people.

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