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Buddhist with an attitude

Dear Sticky, after a period of lurking, I've decided to come out of the closet, as your most fervent admirer -- in a purely heterosexual way of course! I love all your posts, the pictures you take, your comments, your tastes in food that match mine, etc.. I don't know how many people post under your banner, but I am hereby kowtowing and presenting virtual fragrant tea to all of you. What a great blog you have!


That custard is making my stomache growl. I not eating sweets again until tomorrow (just trying to dry out a little, I have a major sweet tooth) That is the best looking desert i've seen in a long time.


Creme caramel is hands down my favorite dessert! Funny because I was just about to post my recipe and some pictures (I probably won't get around to it for another month though, haha). The caramel sauce on the one above looks nice and dark. It's always tough to judge when to remove the sugar from the heat; a little too early and you don't get that rich caramel flavor; a little too late and its inedible!


this is one of my favorite desert,
but i found out, its very big in mexico, portugal, and spain too
they call it flan. am i right on this

Suburbia in the City

I really don't like flan. I don't know if it's the texture or what but to me it tastes like spongy soap.
Although I do appreciate all those cakes below.


Hi - I've just discovered your blog and have spent a happy hour enjoying this fantastic food and travel porn. If I weren't on a diet I'd be booking my ticket to Vietnam right now! Which leads me onto my questions: Have you gained huge amounts of weight since living in Hanoi, eating all of this delicious street food? Secondly, have you ever got sick as a result of the delicious street food? Many thanks


omg that flan looks sooo goood


Yup, love this dessert. It's delish! We call it Leche Flan here in the Philippines. Leche in spanish means milk. They make it with A LOT of eggyolks and condensed milk, with sugar and a bit of lemon zest to add some zing to it. Brown sugar is used to make that caramel sauce, line the cups with the caramel and then the custard mixture and cook it using a steamer. Yumyum!


BWAA - Glad you're out of the closet. Also glad that we are on the same page! There's two of us, BTW.

Curiousbutton - Have maintained the same weight and haven't been sick apart from the odd dose of the Tom Tits! I wouldn't necessarily blame the street food for that, though.

This flan, creme caramel, whatever you want to call was a real find. Love finds like that!

Thao Khuc

I love creme caramel...Yummyyyyy.... Really nice pictures!!!


Very good site! I like it! Thanks!N




You are the greatest!

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Wow! That's yummy!

Tuyet Mai

I really really like this dessert and usually go to this shop to enjoy some (the shop is quite near my office ^_^)

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