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"Tu Duc, who reigned in the 19th century, was a fussy bastard"
Excuse me but you talk about a king of a country here. I can’t believe you called him “bastard”. Such an ignorant like you should not public any of your contemplation.
Go home and kiss your queen’s arse and tell her I think she is full of it.
Here is a valuable lesson you should learn if you intended to stay in Vietnam: educated Vietnamese never ever calling name on the death. No matter how bad he/she was.
Let him Rest In Peace.


Sorry if I offended your sensibilities but where I come from 'bastard' is not necessarily a derogatory term and is in common use in the vernacular.
IMO, there is no doubt that this king was fussy.
As far as kissing my queen's arse is concerned, no thanks - there are already enough royal arse-kissers in my country.

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