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Buddhist with an attitude

The third glass from the left, on the top row, contains basil seeds which are beautiful and delicious. When I have non Asian dinner guests at home, I like to serve them basil seeds chè and scare them by explaining that they are frog eggs.


They are so pretty!!


Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...these are a few of my fav-or-ite things:) I LOVE CHE!! Mmmm, looks so yummy.


Sorry for asking but how many writers in this site? Because some posts are really good, some are real bad. some posts I can't feel anything but some posts make my mouth watering


Don't hold back, Phuong! I suppose it depends on what takes your fancy, what kind of food you're in to.

It is a sight, Preya and Heather, to behold for a good few moments.

Buddhist - I bet you could think up a few other delicacies, too!


lovely che..........


Those are beautiful! I am curious about the myriad of tastes. Let us know if you try one!


Gemma - There are a couple of other posts on che. Check out the Sweeet category, posts called 'Afternoon Delight' and 'A Black che Moment'. On the day I took this pic, I was as full as a boot, couldn't have stuffed a pea in!


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