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hihi -xoai ..ngon nhi ? viet hay ghe

Flora Fling



Oh gosh, what a lovely photo, that top one.

One sweet spring (last year) we lived in a house in Saigon with 3 huge mango trees in the garden. Gorgeous, luscious mangoes, literally hundreds of them, more than we could eat for 4 beautiful months. Mango shakes, grilled fish with mango salsa, mango and sticky rice, bags and bags of mangoes for the neighbors, the officemates, the vendor up the street .... wonderful.

Here in KL we have to wait for the arrival of Alphonsos from India ... but rumor has it they're the best in the world.


you should try Philippine Mangoes - - yellow and sweet. Smooth flesh that literally melts in your mouth if it's really ripe. =)


Thanks Linh!

What's the story with no mango Malaysia, Robyn? I thought they'd be grown in all tropical climates.

Filipino, Vietnamese, Indian, Australian - mangoes are pretty good regardless of where they're grown, don't you think?


I have a recipe to make mango salad. I think it's from Singapore, but has changed much to suit Vietnamese taste (I also changed it myself,:P)
+ An underdoned mango. Cut the 2 cheeks off and cut them into tiny long sticks. Then squeeze them to get rid of the sour juice. Mix them with some sugar and fish sauce.
+ A pinch of dry tiny-shrimps(tep)or shrimps. Roast them (without cooking oil)with suger and fish sauce untill they turn brown and crunchy. You can use dry fish or octopus instead.
+ Some other alternative ingerdients: green papaya/carrot/white radish soaking in vinegar, fried union, some kinds of mint (I'm hopeless to learn their names, even in Vietnamese). The amount of such things is not a big matter, you can you as much or as little as you like.
Mix all these things well, and we've got a delicious salad.

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