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Looks like slices of bread (forgot the name, long french bread) with maybe butter and garlic? Looks like there are some fried onions there but I can't tell for sure.


Vietnamese style crouton .
Chop garlic , onion and pieces of crouton (banh' mi`) is deep fried .


That is a sheer mystery...

I have no idea, but it looks like fried wrap or like other two previous visitors have described.

Tell us soon.


yeh...garlic bread viet-style? I'm looking fwd to finding out. I luv yr blog for expanding my knowledge of viet food and culture!

Buddhist with an attitude

Not a frigging clue. I'm sitting out this one.

it's steamed baguette. very tasty.


I wish I could say it was apple pie, haha, but I have *no* clue!


Congratulations to Susan! You've got it, the definitive answer - GARLIC BREAD, and it's emphasis on the garlic at this joint! It's a 'would-you-like-some-bread-with-your-garlic-arrangement!'
Well done!
BWAA - Disappointing effort from you :)
Thanks all!
A trickier round three coming soon.


Darn, next time I'll throw out a name instead of describing it :P

Buddhist with an attitude

Child, you cut me to the quick with your comment, so I'm waiting impatiently for the next challenge. Bring it on and I'll show you!


Yay!!! Looking fwd to Round 3!!


I've just taken care of a few dozen maggots that had hatched under our door mat and I have to say that if I had ladled them onto some deep fried bagettes I could probably duplicate this recipe. Probably taste nice too.


I was going to guess bruschetta, thinking maybe there were green tomatoes thrown in just for fun? Definitely not the most elegant garlic bread ever, but after a few pints I guess how it tastes becomes the bigger issue!

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