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Graham Holliday

Finally... Always throw an egg in too. I tried a lot of pho in Hanoi and TBH I found it disappointing. Actually, I found it crap. Saigon was a revelation on that front. But, I do have a soft spot for Lo Duc and a few other joints in the area.


I have found some good ones and I'm sure there must be plenty out there. I reckon it wouldn't matter how many I tried, I'd still only be scratching the pho surface. I must say I do like the herb extravaganza of the pho experience in the south.


Yes, it's bit greenfree in the north. A bit of a brubbier experience too. After four years in Hanoi I went to a Pho resto in Saigon and I remember being shocked that the place was clean, no shit on the floor and no SHOUTING.

Have you found the Pho Map to Hanoi? I believe there are 80 listed. I've always thought a dedicated blog that covers the map (and more) would be a great, if challenging, thing to do. I've also considered blogging a 'pho month'. A different Pho every day for one month. Just not sure I'm a big enough fan to muster up the stamina. You?


One a week for six months might be more realistic for me. I'll do some investigating about the pho map. I've got other documents about a range of dishes but nothing devoted to pho alone.


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The waiter could not say any English word, never smile, not helpful, many people used tissue to clean their chopstick then throw under the table where they were sitting. The place to sit is not comfortable with the foreign.

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