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I've been reading your blog for a while and have been very impressed w/ the photography, the words, and your seemingly endless great finds. Now that I'm going to go to Hanoi for the first time (YAY!!), what are some of the places you'd recommend for us to go eat? We like foods on the lighter (read: not fried) side. Oh, and I love pho. Thanks! :-)


Not any positives at all.

And worse, the rarer the beast the more prized the meat. You can't help but think that with the Vietnamese economy growing at such a rate most of the problems here will, in time, sort themselves out.

But it's hard to see any let up on the environmental impact. Worse, the continuing develop that for most is a positive can only continue to destroy the environment.

For me there is still nothing more heart breaking than seeing one of those artfully shaped lime stone mountains with half it's side blown away in order to quarry limestone to fuel Vietnam's construction growth.


I've even heard a rumour that there is a restaurant somewhere in Hanoi with an entire bear pickled in ruou (rice vodka). Anyone know if this is true?


thats shitty aint it....

It's such a cruel practice that human beings have ever been thinking of.
My cousin, after visiting a "bear farm" (sorry, I don't know what it really was), told me that before extracting the bile, they confined the bear in a very small cage, then made it narrower, narrower until the bear couldn't move. Imagine how painful it was!

Viet Hoang

I've seen a video of this in a Vietnam culture video.

This practice is very cruel indeed.


Hey there Sticky Rice,

I'm a fellow Hanoian foodie, really enjoy your reviews. I just referenced you on my blog at www.yuppienomad.com. Would love for you to check it out when you have a chance. Is there a group of Hanoi bloggers you know? Seems like there are tons of expats here.



Meggie - If you like noodle soups, you're in luck. Check out the 'one dish wonder' and 'kerbside' categories for much of the street food, including soups. Hope you enjoy the food as much as we do! have a great trip.

OMIH - a lot of development and environment issues of concern in this fair city. Enough to devote a whole blog to!

HanoiMark - will ask around about the bear juice. A picture of that would be quite scandalous, don't you think?

A cruel practice it is - agreed!

And Christen - the VN bloggers I know (which aint many) are listed on the right but it's due for a bit of a shake-up! Good luck with yuppienomad!

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