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One of the weirdest things that I've missed since I've been living in Cambodia is good Melbourne pho, which is quite frankly, insane, considering my physical proximity to pho country and the abundance of it over here.

Quality ingredients make a whole lot of difference.


I don't know if I just happened to strike it lucky with this joint or not. I've eaten a lot in Victoria street over the years but never with a view to compare it with what's on offer in 'Nam. This place was good. Did you have a regular haunt?


You should check out Phong Son on the corner of Swanston and Lonsdale. I've eaten there a couple of times and the food is fine, but I'm mainly giving them a plug because my girlfriend works there :)


Ben - Thanks for the tip. When I hit town again, I'll check it out.


I'm not sure how they compare to vietnam but I think thanh ha on victoria street and viet star in hawthorn are great. Melbourne institution Thy Thy however, not so fresh or tasty. Thanks for the Chu The Pho Bo Ga tip - there are so many places on Victoria street I never know which to aim for.


One of my favourite eateries in Melbourne is Mekong on Swanston St. A meagre $7.50 gets you a very tasty medium beef phö and all the condiments. A sign on the windows says Bill Clinton apparently ate 2 bowls of soup there, and according to the photos on the walls there, Jackie Chan and the Tokyo Shock Boys have eaten there too.

I love to just smother the stuff in Sriracha and chili oil... yum, I'm making myself hungry.


Righto! I'm set for my Viet quota of meals in Melbourne - thanks guys! I have to pull in the purse strings a bit here, even though it's cheap compared to other cuisines, isn't it?
Going Thai tonight for a change ;)


Mekong on Swanston St was one of my regular lunchtime haunts. I noticed a "Bill Clinton ate here" sign near Benh Tan Market last time I was in HCMC, so the ex-president is obviously quite keen on pho.


Anyone know where you can get decent Hanoi-style pho in Melbourne? The Saigon stuff just isn't cutting it for me...

James Leckie


On Swanston Street, Melbourne; impossible to get a table and no fancy linen. Perfect!

Great food, quick and very tasty. My poor throat suffered at the hands of the chili oil though, those cunning little seeds can really get stuck!


Dear Mr or Mrs Rice -- I'm not sure. I'm so disappointed to hear you visited Melbourne and I did not have the opportunity to meet you. Perhaps if I had read your blog more attentively, I would have known you were coming. Now you're in my Google Reader subscriptions. I have linked to this blog, stealing your photo in the process sorry, at my blog about Abbotsford in Melbourne. Hope you don't mind about the photo.


Do you put MSG in your food?

I was in love with Mekong till I found out they were cheating.


Do you put MSG in your food?

I was in love with Mekong until I found out they were cheating.


By cheating, do you mean Mekong were actually using MSG?

Tell me it isn't so....


Dear Paul,

Thank you for your interest and concern.

I confirm it is so.

The good folks back in Ho Chi would be disappointed.

Mark Micallef

I used to eat there quite a bit until they were shut down subsequent to a health inspection finding that the kitchen was filthy and food handling practices likely to cause contamination.


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