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This is an off topic request for information rather than a comment on today's post, and may therefore be unwelcome. Appologies in advance if that's the case...

My girlfriend and I are visiting Hanoi from Sydney at the end of the month and would like to have a celebratory night out somewhere really nice.

Having taken a crash course in the Hanoi food scene - with plenty of help from your old posts - Wild Rice and Wild Lotus both look very tempting - and moon river sounds good but unavailable - I was wondering if you'd been to Bobby Chinn and how you thought it compared to the other big name restaurants.

Thanks in advance for any advice...


I just went there again. 2nd time. Bobby Chinn's food is amazing. It looked pretty upscale in a mag I read, maybe even too much for an afternoon drink, BUT after dropping by for some refreshing mojitos in the late afternoon, we all decided it was perfect! It's in the LUXE guide, so that has to say something. Surprisingly, lots of delicious and well-presented Vietnamese and fusion food in his menu. We thought it was strictly Western. Another definite plus since he has great A/C in this heat!

It is definitely is a strong competitor to some places I've been to in London, Hong Kong, and New York. Totally swankier than places like BANK in Aldwich and is in the same class as Nobu's culinary sophistication. My gfs and I love going out to hot spots when we go on our travel reunions, and you should at least check the place out when in Hanoi. Lunch time was chilled out--well, we were there at 3--and dinner definitely was scrumptious, dramatic and fun with the shisha in his new bar lounge! Have Bobby start up a shisha pipe--we had a blast!! A perfect introduction to Hanoi and early bon voyage.

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