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Hey....loving the pho tribute , it is the holy grail....2 worth mentioning - 1 at the end of Bui Thi Xuan near Hanoi Towers on a corner and only opened at night (sorry no names he he) and one on Mai Hac De (next street parallel from where we used to live and prob exactly same position as our apartment just in next street and 1 street before bun cha heaven). near the corner and on left hand side. Is a mum and her 2 sons and a daughter...we used to go everyday just coz they were all so cute and they used to give all the oldies big discounts which I really respected. Great work !!! keeps my taste buds in working order :)

ha ha sorry that was me - shev


Righto! I'll have to get the compass and orienteering handbook out but, fear not, I will seek out and discover your pho faves.


nothing beats good pho


My hubby and I are traveling through Vietnam (from SF Bay Area) and received Pho Cuong as a recommendation yesterday. We had a great bowl of pho there last night and were happy you rated it highly. The only thing was that, perhaps because of our vegetable-skewed California pho experiences, we were hoping for a bowl of fresh herbs on the side. Is that not the standard in Vietnam?


Standard in the south only, I'm afraid, Summi.

theo tran

this is the only place i managed to eat while staying in Hanoi, and you are right the meat portion is not fantastic but the service is extremely quick and the stock is good. would recommend it if you are staying in the old quarter.

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