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I've googled around and come up with zilch AGAIN... I suggest you contact the Metropole direct. The only reference to the map/booklet I can find is buried at the bottom of this travel story in The Daily Torygraph:


"His booklet on pho includes a list of places to try it; a bowl costs about 30p."

That story somewhat surprised me when it quotes Corlou, "he announces, with much arm-waving, that we are learning about the proper cuisine of Vietnam: "In Hanoi, it is pure. In the south, they have Thai food, Cambodian food - not the 1,000-year traditions we have here."

Huh? I thought this guy was supposed to be some kinda expert on Vietnamese food? What a crock of shit.


More crap from Corlou:

“No butter, olive oil or cream. I use a lot of herbs. Tea in place of stock. And I do reductions with fruits,” he explains. “It’s like giving a subtle makeover to a beautiful Vietnamese woman.”


Is this guy on crack?


So it's Corlou's booklet?! Now there's a challenge: get into the Metropole, murder the head chef, steal his booklet, leave a dog's head in the bain-marie..as a sign...of what, I know not. And then go and stuff myself on pho;)

Seriously though, his platitudes on VN's cuisine verge on the comic.

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