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Bun Cha in Melb sucks.. its heart breaking I tell ya unless you have secret sticky info???


Oh my goodness, real Vietnamese crab spring rolls! You are going to make me cry if you keep up these fantastic, mouth watering pictures! (And posting the ridiculously low prices!)

yaussie girl

I think I would lose a lot of weight if I lived there! ;)


bun cha..one of my all-time faves - and now I know what's actually in it! Thanks!


Oh Bun Cha! How I yearn for you so! It was a short affair back in October in a crowed Hanoi joint with a sprial staircase but you treated me oh so well. Your pork was succulent, your spring rolls crispy and your broth was sweet. My palate will never be the same again.


Does it get any better. Have you tried Dac Kim Restaurant for Bun Cha? It's at #1 Hang Manh.

Kelvin Yorke

I'm back.....!!! Did you miss me ??? You didn't !!! I listed your blog once on my blog @ # 889 on my blog 21 21 21 21 Blogs and thought it was high time I listed it again.......@ #480 as it is worth sharing.

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Kelvin Yorke

Next time I visit - I'll make sure to "eat" first !!!


Thanks all. Bun cha is a must in Hanoi. The place in Hang Manh has a sister restaurant in Hang Ga, too. Both are pretty good. I've spotted another packed one on Pho Hue which I'm going to try out when I can get a stool!


Oh, you are making me so HUNGRY! My mother makes it just like that. When she is busy and I can't get bun cha from her, I have to go to the restaurant here in the US. It's so disappointing! Can you please eat some pho Hanoi (crunchy pho with veggies) and send pics?

bea at La tartine gourmande

This looks very yummy! Never had it before but just the look of it talks to me. I wish I had a recipe ;-)


I wonder why something like bún chả is so cheap but so good... It's not fair!!! hehehe.


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your blog seems to be very interesseting,
you speak about an eating which we are not used to taste ...

thank you for all these fotos,

now, i'm hungry !!!

(sorry for my bad english, i'm a frenchgirl)

Thao Khuc

Bun Cha is an ideal for lunch! I love this site, adding to my favourites.. Keep up the good work, Sticky!

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