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Mmm. My favourite on Le Van Huu was Com Ly. Must just be a couple doors down from this one.


Is that an egg in the centre at top of the picture?


Mark - the friends I was actually eating with on this day said that Com Ly was a regular place of theirs. I'm not a really big fan of com bin dans, truth be told.

...and Kellie, an egg it is, one that has been stewed in a claypot awhile with fish sauce and sugar etc - very well done!!!


Kellie - I think they are tomato


What a clean facility! I am very impressed, and more hungry now than when I started reading this blog. I am beyond jealous that you get to have such food at lunch time, not to mention a beer to wash it all down with too!


it's very nice reading your blog;
but I think it's "Com Binh Dan"; not "Com Bin Dan" as you have mentioned.
I love Bun rieu at Thi Sach; it's so cheap and delicious!


Sharp Kim, very sharp! Thankyou, you are right. I'm normally quite careful with the spelling. Must have had too much beer that day ;)

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