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Definitely the best! No objections here. I wish they exported it.

a l i c e

Giggle! This post made me smile and makes me remember many a sticky hot afternoon spent on the bansk of the Mekong in Luang Prabang, nursing relatively cold Beer Lao (we visited Viet and Laos this past April). Kicks the butt of all the aforementioned Vietnamese offerings (the thought of bia hoi still makes me gag a little).


I'm not the biggest fan of Beer Lao, but I don't mind the occasional Beer Lao Dark because it's actually got a bit of body, which seems rare in these parts. Did you try it?


Phil - I defer to your opinion on this - you're always posting on beer, aren't you? And I did actually try the dark Beerlao a few times for a change. I'm a sucker for the value in the big bottle though.

And Alice, I found the refridgeration and temperature at which beer was served in Laos much more satisfactory than in Vietnam. It was bloody cold most of the time!

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