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Viet ~

Hey what kind of camera do you have? Your shots are always really good! Thanks! :)

Rasa Malaysia

Yep, these little bird's eye chilies are 10 on the heat scale, so yeah, I would buy them by a handful or as needed rather than in bulk. Great marketing by the vendor! :)


Viet - Just a humble little Sony P93 which I still don't think I've really mastered.

Rasa - No doubt you've experienced a bit of chili in your time - that's if I know anything about Malaysian cuisine.

A Lao Son

First of all, not all Lao foods are HOT-AS-FIRE types. Surely, the hot stuff can burn your mouth and ears, but I don't think anybody is stupid enough to eat the chilly for a kilo.

You can ask the cook to make it less hot and not so spicy. So that it will not "affect your cognitive ability"... what a pitty that you don't know how to communicate with other human beings... or maybe you are not... who knows?


Thanks for your comment, Laos Son. Sometimes I feel like I am not of this earth ;)


Yea that picture shot of the chili is so clear i my dad still can see this without his glasses on.Absolutely I would buy that
chili by a hand full then by the kilo.We
Lao people are not that stupid to buy peppers by the kilo.We eat this thing everyday.Even when you see one hand full left of peppers in the fridge we still go to the store to buy other hand full and believe me we eat peppers we really eat it.
We use on many dishes and sometime it is not enough pepper to last a week.


stickyrice who cares if you master in taking picture or not as long as you know what you're taking and as long as anybody knows what they are looking at.ha ha ha funny.My mom just said she want that chili in her gang som pa.lol hee hee.

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