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What an incredible blog you have. Remind me so much of my hometown - Hanoi!


is it still ok to eat, though?

Carolyn Birchill

I am a vegetarian and yes it is a challenge to look at this photo... though it is a good one and you are right eating meat is a lifestyle choice and for some people a necessity. I remember in Africa walking into this white building in a village thinking it might be some sort of village meeting house as it was circular in shape. Turns out it was the local butcher and as I walked in a cow was brought in to be slaughtered. Everything was being hosed down all the time and it all happened very quickly and despite the 35 degree heat all the meat was hung up to dry and for later consumption. Though no one seems to get sick...so must be OK. Either that or they have very strong stomachs!

Rasa Malaysia

They probably save the blood for pig's blood cubes...I know we are gross, but they taste fine when they are cooked properly. In Penang, blood cubes are served in hawker food such as Curry Mee: http://www.rasamalaysia.com/2006/07/penang-hawker-food-curry-mee.html



Talk about Halloween appropriate!


Anh - This blog is pure Hanoi usually, apart from occasional forays to other parts of Vietnam and SE Asia. Glad it reminds you of your hometown and kind of weird that you're living in mine!!!

Matt - The situation is the same in Vietnam though there are supermarkets here where you can get packaged meat that has been refrigerated. I still get mine from the market though. It's fine. Meat can be in the temperature danger zone for a few hours but must be cooked or refrigerated soon after.

Caroline - I do think that, over time, one does build up a certain immunity to such things.

Rasa - the blood cubes are popular fare in Vietnam too, served up in pho sometimes. From chickens, ducks, pigs and god only knows what else.

Preya - I suppose you could smear a bit around at a HW party :0


We had the most delicious "bloodpudding" today, me, my wife and two of my five kids. Bloodpudding is made by pigsblood, spices like thyme and allspice. It's stirred with rye flour, blubber, ale, raisins, syrup and chopped onions and then baked in a bredmould for almost an hour and then served with rawstirred lingberry whith sugar.
I'm a swedish cookery book writer with a taste for old real swedish taste. (My latest book is about the cookery in the world of Astrid Lindgren, have a look att it at http://ersatz.se/bok_lager1.htm)
This boodpudding i eaten by thousands of swedes every evening for dinner. I's good to be served with fried bacon and some doublecream.

Nice blog



I might find it quite challenging to eat blood pudding, Swemag, but I have eaten chunks of blood in noodle soup here and I don't find it offensive at all...just a bit tasteless.

Your recipe for blood pudding sounds like it's not lacking on the flavour front. Couldn't get the link to your cookbook unfortunately.


I buy meat in these markets usually once a day. The other day I was struck by the similarity of smell to when I butcher up an elk. A lot of extremely fresh meat. Even though the setting is different from back in the states I’ve never purchased such fresh meat.

Nice blog.

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