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Oooh.. Phancy Pho... I recall walking past this place several times and wondering if it was good. Even more interesting is the deli-like banh mi shop across the street. Have you been there yet?


Are you going to post the rankings somewhere? They change with each new pho review.


Austin, that banh my shop has intrigued me for years...like so many other places!!!! Next time I'm in the region, I'll try to drop in.

Hanoimark - I've been considering this matter for a while. I do alter the rankings on each pho post, though.


What a treasure trove of information. Kudos to you for the pictures and the lovingly reported details. Off on a Hanoi Pho adventure this afteroon. Thanks for the dedication.


Thanks for all the reviews -- you have a great website going!

Is this joint still open (Jan 2008)? My wife and I have biked up and down the block on a couple of occasions with no luck locating it. The address appears to be 10 ly quoc su


The cleanliness and proximity appealed, so we went there this morning. The pho was delicious. I finally understand the fuss.

Thanks for the great pho spot (and other restaurant) writeups - they have been tremendously helpful on our visit!

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