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a viet ~

Why is it so expensive?

Tu Cong Van

This is a cool place and food is good. The waitress seem to be a bit grumpy. A meal for 2 costs 150,000 is good, not expensive Viet. Nice photos


I love this website. Who is creating this website? I'm sure the information is somewhere on the site, but I can't find it. Is the blogger an ex-pat? what doing in Vietnam?

Keep up the great site/blog/whatever it is.


Nice to see that restaurant is still there. I reckon it has been around for about 6 years now (that I know of). Their green chicken curry is good too from what I remember. I wonder where the APEC conference is being held in Hanoi. It would be fun to go and have a look at all of the men in the silly shirts- but I guess they are tucked away from prying eyes.


Patti - I really should update the ABOUT page. So much has changed since that spartan bit of info was published when the blog first started. I'm a bloke from Melbourne, living in Hanoi, teaching a bit and writing a bit.

Emily - Apparently the APEC clowns will be donning blokes ao dais for the group photo!


me want some pho nam w/cha gio on the side plz ! great write up & very pictorial :) cheers !:)

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