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That's very interesting. Do you have to swallow the bum nut whole (is it custom?) or just your personal choice?

a viet ~

Hahhaa... I was wondering what a "bum nut" was... Nice report, once again!


Visited Hanoi for the first time this year. Great place, loved it. Great blog!


It's best to swallow the bumnut (only the yolk, actually) whole, otherwise if it breaks the soup looks messy and loses its appeal for me.

Thanks Max. It is a great place.

I apologise for the lack of updates. I'm in Australia at the moment for a few weeks. Back soon!


I've been looking for a place to post in the pho section and this seems to be it. Anyway, Ngoc Ha's late night Pho Mama was recently stabbed and the business has closed up shop. We miss her, and her food, and our thoughts are with her.


Oh my.. I miss the food from Hanoi so so much. I recently whip up some Pho (Hanoi style - featured at my blog)) here in Melbourne, but nothing can compare with the original!

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