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Thats often what puts me off new pho places - the msg random factor. How does it get you? I get this weird sensation all over my scalp and right down my spine... isn't banned in most countries??


no, it's a great product, infact like america's corn syrup it is one of the world power that is dominating food tasting worldwide.

Fjäderlös Tvåfoting

Hi, this blog make me hungry.


greetings from Sweden.



This post made me go read up on MSG; turns out it's been deemed "harmless" by most American food monitoring agencies (whatever that's worth), but there's a lot of controversy over its effects. It makes you feel fuller and raises insulin levels. And, no Matt, it's not banned; in fact most processed foods, in the states at least, use MSG to provide a "meatier" taste. Still scares me for some reason.


I'm not sure I want to weigh in to any debate over MSG. It's a controversial one. It's much maligned and gets the blame for lots of the physiological reactions that people have. I'm told that MSG is often not to blame, that it's a combination of what was eaten, if alcohol was consumed and so on. I never hear of Hanoians complaining about it. Jury is still out for me!


Hey Sticky, just wanted to say thanks for the fantastic blog. Found it about 6 mths ago and the food! oh man the food in it was a major deciding factor in getting me to Hanoi for a week's holiday/continuous meal. Leaving on Sunday but nearly everyday has gone: wake up. Rummage through blog till hungry. Pick food/place that appeals and hightail it there. Course that hasn't stopped me from getting diverted into second breakfasts/third lunches from food I've found mid-wander but that's Hanoi. Mate....GREAT blog.


RRO - Glad you found the blog useful. Hope I didn't give you any bumsteers!

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